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If you have experienced the breakthrough results from level 1 of Heal Yourself and Move Foundation Program training

Then the Level 2 Heal Yourself and Move Dynamic Skills is going to astonish you.

Why? Because where Level 1 was about getting the new ranges of flexibility and learning how to activate the deepest muscles to support beautiful placement…

Level 2 is all about how to move those new ranges dynamically in technique.

In level 1 you learnt how to avoid pain, discomfort and allow tension to be turned into new ranges and possibilities of movement.

In level 2 we show you how to turn this into whole new dimensions of technique and skill.

What this means: Improved technique means you become a better dancer

But more importantly you are learning a process via which you can continually upgrade your abilities

In Level 2 you get the “Accelerated Development Keys” that allow you to continually unlock abilities and resolve plateaus whenever they occur.

It allows you to adapt your technique to surface, intensity, load and weight changes seamlessly – the way an automatic car changes gears.

Allowing to not have to consciously ‘think’ your way through every step but instead have your deep muscle engagement and responses in ‘cruise control’ allowing you to concentrate fully on corrections, choreography and performance

Welcome to the Heal Yourself and Move Level 2 Dynamic Skills course

In this revolutionary 30 video module you will develop

  • 1 Tondus that engage the deep muscles without gripping the quads and adapt to surface, intensity and load changes seamlessly

  • 2 Plies that feel “juicy” and deep every time and keep the heels on the floor in jumps

  • 3 Arabesques that float up without “pinching” in the lower back and adapt to placement and weight shifts easily

  • 4 Feet flexibility through the arches whilst staying fluid that also continues on to elongated lines and initiation of extension movement from the toes rather than the quads

  • 5 Strength in the intrinsic muscles of the feet that utilises the whole foot (including long, strong toes for direct application to powerful jumps and pointe prep) but which also allows for sensitivity to movement changes that allow the whole body to ‘read’ the feet

  • 6 Improved range and use of turn out muscles (think flat frogs, firsts, fifths, fondus and rand de jambes

  • 7 Core strength in your deep abdominal and back muscles that enables complete freedom of movement whilst continually calibrating and reading spinal load and transforming that into beautiful balance and control

  • 8 A way to release all tension in the body and at the same time improve your flexibility safely and without stress and then activate that freedom into pure flow technique.

Student results


Finally breakthrough results

Finally a breakthrough training system designed to get big changes in your flexibility, strength and technique… safely

Welcome to the Heal Yourself and Move
Level 2 Dynamic Skills course

It’s time to go to the next level


Training Level

This training is normally only available as part of the Heal Yourself and Move training Programs but for the next few days I am opening it up to those who have either done level 1 or participated in other intensives over the last 2 years.

Why?  Because in full  transparency I would love you to join one of our amazing coaching programs so we can work together each week and create next level breakthrough after breakthrough in your training.

But to do that sometimes you need to know what the next level is first.

When you get the Level 2 Dynamic Skills Course before 31st January 22 you will receive a 75% discount as well as a free 60 minute implementation session with me to show you how to use the content quickly, effectively and safely for accelerated results building on your level 1 training.

This training is normally only available to group and private coaching students at a premium price but for a very short time you can have a chance to experience these breakthroughs for 75% off.


Heal Yourself and Move Level 2 Dynamic Skills course

With over 4 modules and more than 20 videos of hands-on training, bonus sequences and important information, this course is where I take you through every single step of the process.

Everything you need to know to build direct pathways between physical preparation, technical training and performance to maximise your true potential as a dancer. I will tell you exactly what exercises you need to achieve amazing results in class and on stage.

This course can be taken with you whenever you have internet and a screen.

Each lesson is short, actionable and effective.

By the time you have worked through the course, you will have drastically increased your knowledge on safe dance practice and injury prevention, you will be able to transform all of this breakthrough information to your class work. And the reason I’m so sure this will work for you, is that so many students who bought the course have already done it.

This course is designed in the same way a university course is, so we have included for you a written section at the end of each episode, so you can reflect on your daily growth and understanding of each exercise. You must complete each action steps, and read the key notes provided as “things to look out for” when learning throughout the course – to make everything as simple as possible for you.

You must complete each action steps, and read the key notes provided as “things to look out for” when learning throughout the course – to make everything as simple as possible for you.

If you already have an extra curricular training supplement that is – doing okay – that’s amazing!

Because unlike any other course out there, you can apply The 4 Week Level one to any other form of physical training because it teaches you how your individual body can get you the results you really deserve in every class you have.

So if you’re ready to learn my step-by-step process on how to take your training to the next level and change your life in the process, here’s how you can sign up for the program today.

You will unlock

  • A new methodology that will show you how to achieve the breakthroughs you are currently wanting.
  • How to problem solve any dance related issues everyday no matter the situation.
  • How to become a pioneer in safe dance practice and sustainable training.
  • How to work with with your individual body type correctly and to avoid the rookie mistakes that most students make.
  • How to create consistent long lasting results.
  • And so much more!

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 Sarah Clisby
Graduate of Melbourne Conservatoire of Ballet

Before and After back alignment exercises
Lottie Hudson – ASAP Studios 

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