Are you experiencing Technique Paralysis?

I was chatting to a student (I will call her Emma) from a highly regarded full-time school recently.

One of the big issues that came up for her was the lack of confidence she felt in her ability to perform more advanced ballet steps, such as multiple turns in attitude or arabesque or the ability to get height and split in her Grand Jete.

Emma was 15, doing at least 6 hours per day, 6 days a week, and was hoping to become a professional dancer.

However, she felt that every time she went into class or rehearsal she didn’t know if she was going be able to consistently pull off the more challenging steps and techniques.

As a result, she was feeling anxious every time she even thought about those difficult steps, let alone actually trying to do them!

By the time she came in to see me, even doing something as simple as a Tondu Devant was a minefield because she couldn’t move without first trying to make everything” perfect” and apply all the corrections her teachers had given her.

Emma was experiencing what I call technique paralysis.

What this means is that a student is trying so hard to get everything right, that they can’t actually dance!

This isn’t just full-time or elite students that struggle with this.

It can be the nature of dance training that students constantly put the “ideal before the feel” and end up creating so much tension around their training that they block their movement capacity.

Fortunately, there is a solution!

Using the UNLEASH component of the 4 Week Foundation Heal Yourself and Move training, I showed Emma how to release tension in the outer muscles and engage her deep adductors.

The result?

An effortless, smooth and elongated Tondu that Emma was able to execute without overthinking (and then repeat quickly without strain or fatigue!)

To access the exact same information I shared with Emma, click the link below.


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