Are you over Arthritis?

Is your arthritis stopping you from doing the things you would love to do?  Picking up your grandkids, going on long walks or just playing a spot of tennis or going for a run?

Ever wondered what it would feel like to suddenly wake up and be able to do the things you want to do, without pain, without strain and with freedom and enjoyment?

Well part of what’s stopping you is….you!

And by that I mean when you know something is going to cause you pain do you automatically tense around the area in anticipation?

Have you noticed it makes the pain worse each time?

In an earlier article on back pain, we looked at how the apparently innate protective tension response around a painful area can actually spread the pain to wider and wider areas.

The same thing applies to arthritis and is a key reason that you find your range of movement getting smaller and smaller and your pain and tension increasing.

One of the first breakthroughs I developed in working with arthritic pain was to show the person suffering from arthritis how to move not from the area giving them the most pain or restriction but from the whole body to help that area move without pain.

When this pain free movement occurred, often for the first time in years, then we found that new ranges of movement were quick to follow!

To learn how to start using this approach yourself simply click below to watch a quick video that takes you through it…

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