Gym Junkies – Feel the learn not the burn!

If you work out at the gym you probably have come up against fatigue, otherwise known as. the dreaded “burn.”

That searing pain in your muscles as you push out one more rep.

What if all that effort was actually taking you in the wrong direction?

Now if you are a body builder trying to develop enormous muscles to be able to elicit gasps when you flex, then this article is not for you (though maybe it should be!)

If, however you are training at the gym because you think that’s what you have to do to be fitter, stronger, healthier and looking great – then here are some key points to consider that can help you get the fitness and health benefits you crave…

All without tearing muscles, feeling sore for days after, not to mention wiping your energy levels out so you are exhausted for the rest of the day!

The number one thing you need to do next time you train at the gym is to connect the movement of arms and legs  to the movement of your pelvis and spine and the movement of your spine to the movement of your breath.

When this happens whether you are lifting weights or moving with your own body weight every action becomes easier, less tiring and and actually (shock!) enjoyable.

To learn how to move in a way that you now longer strain your body simply click on the link below to watch the video!

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