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Over the last 10 years Heal Yourself and Move founder Zac Jones has been listening to the needs of students and teachers wanting to make improvements from home safely.

In that time he has come up against every possible problem and challenge in a dance class  whether in studio or online classes.

And found a way to not only communicate clearly and succinctly to students on their level but actually get them results impossible for them to achieve anywhere else and also to now show how teachers to do this too!

That is why Heal Yourself and Move is the must-have training program right now for dancers and teachers, wanting new fire, passion and momentum for dance training when different bodies, personalities, time and space constraints post Covid19 mean the way they used to train is no longer available to them and yet the bar has never been higher for the flexibility, strength and skills needed to ‘make it’ in  dance.  Whether as a professional or simply as a passionate recreational dancer driven to improve without injury.