How do you exercise for your family? (The fitness to show up everyday)

So you want to get fit.

Makes sense to exercise yeah?  You go to the gym, play sport go for a run etc

But it’s not just for you when you do it. Your health and fitness impacts the people you love, your family and friends and colleagues.

You being healthy means you can be there for them every day, that you can be called on to go that extra mile when needed.

And the same goes for your family, just like they need you to be healthy, you need your children, your parents, your friends to be in optimum health for you to be able to operate at your best so you can enjoy their company and love to the fullest and not be burdened with more responsibility in caring for them than you already are!

But it’s how you move for health that is the difference between being in a state of vitality and wellness that will benefit the ones you love or instead, “fitness” activities that leave you so exhausted, depleted, sore or injured that you can’t properly be there for them.

And it’s that fitness the one that enables you to show up everyday in your life and the lives of those you love, that is the fitness that is arguably the most important to develop.

Are you fit enough to run for the tram if you need, or is your back healthy enough to help your friend move house or pick up your kids or grandkids?

Are your hips and knees healthy enough to climb the flight of stairs to your daughters apartment?

When we think of fitness like this it becomes apparent that perhaps a very different type of exercise is needed to equip you for what’s so blandly called “everyday life!”

Hint: kids are always on the move, running around all day without stopping and no one calls what they do exercise!

Would you like to learn how to move with a freedom, ease and energy that actually helps you be better in your life?

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