Weighing the Cost: Time vs Money vs Health

When we think about utilising exercise to make a difference for our health, often 3 things come to mind which help us factor in whether we are going to do it or not!

1. The amount of time it will take us to get to a venue and back plus the amount of time we need to spend there to get the benefit.

2. The financial cost involved

3. The cost to our health of doing nothing

Now point number 1 is often the area where people are discouraged.

Not having enough time to travel to the place where you need to exercise let alone having the time to spend there is too often the major factor in people deciding not exercise no matter how much they need to,

Number 2, finances, is obviously a factor, but usually when the health benefits are really obvious then we can find a way to  make it work which brings us back to…

3. The cost to your health of not doing anything

This really is the big one.  If you know for a fact, and your doctor, your physio, your spouse’s advice is that you just have to exercise in some way to be healthy, yet you can’t because of numbers 1 and 2 (mainly 1 lets be honest!) then what is that going to cost you in terms of your health (short and long term)?

What if there was a way to find the time, what if you could take the hours involved in travelling out of the equation and actually get the real benefits of exercise from your own home?

One that involved minimal equipment, effort and cost and that would actually have more positive impact for your health long term than busting your gut (and your back!) at a gym.

P.s. On Monday you’ll find out exactly what it looks like!

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