Moving from your toes to your nose

Do you think that exercise has to always involve effort?   What if the effort was because you weren’t connecting the movement in one limb (say a bicep curl) to the movement of the whole body.

And what if the whole body moved more efficiently if you could just learn how to connect movement from your toes?

Did you know you have more bones in your toes than any other part of your body?  So why aren’t you using them to help the rest of your body move?

When I first shared the potential for utilising the toes to make the movement of the whole body more efficient and enjoyable I was amazed by the results.

Suddenly clients that had been struggling to bend their knees without pain were going into deep squats with ease!

The way I went about showing them how to develop this skill quickly and easily was first to simply relax the soles of the feet and start to imagine all the bones and movement sensors in the feet.

Then we learnt how to take that new found awareness of toe movement and send it up through the body to make the movement of the legs more efficient and relaxed.

To learn the exact method of how to do this just click on the link below and watch the video tutorial…

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