Back off Sciatica

Did you know that sciatica pain can be related to the way you stand?

What if I told you that by using 2 simple tips you could reduce your sciatic pain by at least 50%?

How?  Because sciatica is related to compression of the blood vessels and blood vessels can get compressed because of….tension!

Then when we feel the pain and discomfort around the problem area the first thing we do is create more tension to try and protect it.

This often results in spreading the original painful spot into more parts of the back and legs until you don’t where your back ends and the pain begins!

To utilise the 2 tips I use every day to help reduce, eliminate and avoid back and sciatic pain all you need to do is…

1. Relax the back of your knees or let then “off lock” as we cover in the series on knee pain.

2. Get a spikey massage ball or tennis ball and learn a new method of tension release and movement integration that helps you relieve back pain and tension and improve mobility.

To get access to the this new way of helping reduce back tension just click on the link below to see the video!

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