Over exercise is risking your health!

Exercise is wonderful for so many things.

Increased blood flow, improved cardio vascular fitness, sweating out toxins, stress relief, endorphins, and weight loss are just a few of the benefits that come with moving and testing the limits of your body.

But how often do we discuss what can happen if you push those limits too soon or without a comprehensive checkup of your general health?

If you are someone returning to fitness, perhaps to lose some weight, someone with an existing health condition, or if you are over 50 years old, you may need to be careful that you find the exercise that’s right for your health, body type, fitness level and age to both maximise the benefits and reduce the risks of injury, accident or worse.

The best form of exercise for those returning to fitness, or wanting to maintain their health and move freely, is an exercise that is gentle on the joints, doesn’t strain the outer muscles or organs, particularly lungs and heart, and promotes relaxed breathing and blood flow.

Swimming, walking and Tai-chi are great examples of all of these gentler forms of movement for health.

If you are interested in a new form of exercise that allows you all the benefits of swimming, walking and Tai-Chi rolled into one and gives you the chance to eliminate old aches and pain (and stop new ones!), why not give BandTherapy with Zac Jones a try?

By creating weightlessness, fluidity and whole-body connection naturally in every movement, your body can start to “make sense” to you again and you will never have to worry about going beyond your limits and risking your health again!

Would you like to find out how to move with complete freedom from tension and pain and improve your strength, health, and fitness?

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