Core Issues: Why the ab work you are currently doing may be making you weaker

If you have ever done any form of training, be it ballet, power-lifting, tennis, gymnastics, martial-arts, yoga, Pilates etc, you would have heard of the need to strengthen your core.

If you have had a back injury, your physio or doctor may have given you exercises to strengthen the deep muscles around your spine.

And if you are involved in any form of fitness training, some of the main exercises you will focus on are core strengthening ones to enable you to withstand the stress that intense exercise can place upon your spine.

However, whilst it is 100% a necessity to have a powerful core to enable you to succeed in any of the areas mentioned above, it is too often the corresponding loss of one vital ingredient when you are engaged (pardon the pun!) in your core strengthening exercises that may actually be making your results worse and your risk of injury much greater.

That vital ingredient is freedom of movement…

To find out how to gain core strength that not only equals but enhances your freedom and fluidity of movement in any range simply click on the link to the video below.

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