Part 3 of our 5-part, Heal Yourself and Move series

Improve your mobility

Part 3 of our 5-part, Heal Yourself and Move series, presented through our friends at MDM

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Continuing to develop your understanding of a unified body in motion, we build on our first two releases in the 5-part series by focusing this episode on turnout.

Achieving a fluid and effective turnout is essential not just for ballet, but for many other forms of dance and movement generally.

And yet, something so fundamental to dance is too often accomplished at the cost of ease, grace and longevity.

Idealised as a flat 180 degree line from hips to feet, turnout posture can be misunderstood as static and unforgiving.

The Heal Yourself and Move method defines turnout as the ability to be aligned through hips, knees and toes in a way that allows them to adequately prepare for and support the body in dynamic movements.

When the body is trained in motion and as a system in the HY+M method, turnout can be achieved  without jeopardizing the joints or adding unnecessary strain.

This week, we give you the information needed to achieve increased turnout by beginning with finding your range of mobility.

We allow your body to inform how much range it can build.

Rather than begin standing with your feet strained into a 180 degree line, we begin where your body is at ease and build range in a way that is safe and connected with the rest of the body system.

To see how to create effortless increases in turnout click the link below:  Minute 04:45 is the moment when Maddy feels the difference applied to her Rond de Jambe!

And check out what happens when our HY+M Ambassador Eby increases range and strength of her turnout at the same time!

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