Part 5 of our 5-part, Heal Yourself and Move series

A beautiful arabesque with effortless line and height

Part 5 of our 5-part, Heal Yourself and Move series, presented through our friends at MDM

In our 5th and final video series with MDM we look at arabesque and the ability to effortlessly improve our range and line whilst developing intrinsic muscle strength and mobility in the core muscles of the spine.

Arabesque is one of the most beautiful and clearly identifiable aspects of ballet technique.

Even if you’d never gone to a ballet concert before, one look at a ballerina performing this iconic pose and you would instantly be able to recognise ballet as the foundation of her technique.

However, so often deficiencies in the ability of a dancer to execute an arabesque properly can hold dancers back from achieving their potential, and can be the reason they’re overlooked for a role or placement that they might otherwise have been a shoe in for.

Achieving a stunning looking arabesque can be fraught with difficulty and the risk of back injury if dancers do not naturally possess the requisite mobility in their spine and hips.

Attaining that mobility safely while simultaneously strengthening the deep muscles of the core with fluid movement is a key tenant of the HY+M philosophy; strength and flexibility through enhanced proprioception and movement awareness.

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