Train with no pain so breath don’t heave!

Sick of getting puffed out every-time you climb a flight a stairs?

Frustrated by not being able to run for more than a 100 metres without getting out of breath?

Do you find yourself panting whenever you have to walk at a fast pace?

Then read on.

Did you realise the first step in improved cardio-vascular fitness is not to raise your heart rate but to utilise calm breathing to lower it?

By doing this you are allowing the blood vessels to expand rather than contract and this allows increase blood flow to the areas you are going to be exercising before you start.

This in turn means the exercise you do will be easier, more efficient and will no longer exhaust you and it won’t put strain on your heart!

The best way to do this type of breathing is to first imagine you are doing what I call “sleeping breathing,” which involves you simply letting your breath rise and fall naturally as if you were asleep.

You might be surprised at how quickly the sleeping breathing approach allows you to calm everything down and then begin to notice the many little areas of movement that are always there but go unnoticed when we are racing about!

It’s like when you go into a nature park or forest, you might take a little bit of time to begin to be aware of all the multitude of sounds and sights that are occurring but you eventually settle in to a calm rhythm very different to in the city.

By noticing the little differences you can begin to make big changes in your breathing, your fitness and your quality of movement and life.

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