Tight’s not right

Ever wondered why sometimes when you get a massage to relieve tension you feel sorer than before?

It’s because when someone bring tension (ie the masseurs hands) onto the tension of your shoulders or back or legs it creates resistance.

If you try to push through that resistance you create a blockage which causes pain and you are back to square one!

Even if the tight area is released often the tension you have developed through the rest of the body just to deal with it means you can be vulnerable to injury around the area that was just massaged.

Unless the relief of tension is spread throughout the body it also means that you never learn how to stop creating the conditions by which you got tense in the first place!

The best way to both relieve tension and make sure you develop healthy and efficient new movement patterns is to identify the areas of extra muscular resistance in your body and actively relax them.

When this happens you improve blood flow and movement function not just in that area but throughout the body via your fascial or connective tissue net work.

In the video below I outline a simple strategy to achieve this and then start to apply your new relaxation skills to more specific activities.

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