Ankles on a roll? (Here’s how to stop them!)

How many times have you stepped off a curb or onto an uneven bit of ground and felt that sickening feeling as your ankle gives way under you?

Then when it’s recovered somewhat it’s always vulnerable to rolling again, often in the most innocuous circumstances.

You may have got some treatment, been given some exercises that you practiced for a bit then forgot and now you are left with an ankle you can’t trust to behave like it should!

What if there was a way for you to not just strengthen the supporting structures around the ankle but to also create an adaptability and awareness around it that makes rolling almost impossible?

To create adaptable, stable strength in your ankles all you need to do is learn how to circle your whole body from your hips in such a way that you create spirals round the edge of your feet as well.

When you combine this with figure 8 patterns and start to work to the outer edges of the soles of your feet you naturally create a new adaptability and strength in your ankles that has the added benefit of improving your balance.

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