Get Flexi without stretching (and improve your moves)

Everyone knows that a level of flexibility is important to be able to achieve most things involving physical skill as well as allowing you to have a better quality of movement in daily life.

Whether that’s executing a powerful drive in golf or performing an effortless Grand Jete in ballet (not necessarily in that order!), flexibility is what allows you to have the freedom to achieve the ranges of motion required for your particular skill or activity.

However, what you may not realise is that the way you are currently approaching improving your flexibility, (ie stretching) is actually doing the complete opposite of what you want and in fact may be making you tighter, less mobile and more sore!

The reason this happens is because by the time you feel the stretch you are actually contracting your muscles beyond the range via which they can be used for dynamic action, ie running, jumping, lifting etc.

What you actually need to do to have you flexibility and your mobility and ease of movement be equal is to relax and soften your outer muscles before you feel a stretch.

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