Stressed out for summer? (How to reduce anxiety without taking a pill)

Christmas finally over, enjoying sometime in the sun, catching up with family and friends but just can’t seem to shake the feelings of stress and anxiety that come with thinking about… (insert your stress point)?

Thousands of Australians suffer from anxiety every year and deal with it in a variety of ways.

Whether that’s medication, exercise, talking with a professional or just finding a way to distract for a while, it’s important to have something that works for you in the moment.

Whatever way you happen to be using to deal with feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm there is a way to underpin it so that you start to develop the habit of calmness automatically in your body….

Whenever you feel stress or anxiety appearing simply notice where it manifests as tension in your body.

From there if you can gently breath out and allow that physical tension to ease you can allow a moment of calm in that moment that can help get you through.

By allowing this to become a daily practice you can begin to address and reduce stress as it arises by dealing with the physical symptoms of tension.

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