Cancer survivors – why the gym might not be your thing (and why that’s ok!)

If you are someone who has suffered from cancer then you may have experienced the damage that chemotherapy can wreak on your body.

After treatment you are told you need to strengthen your body as the bones are brittle and vulnerable to break if you were to receive a heavy impact (eg falling).

A common next step is to go to the gym and start lifting weights.

The problem is the strength you need is not the strength you are developing at the gym…

In fact it might actually be doing the opposite!

You see, to support the bones and help them be less vulnerable to breakage we need to strengthen the deeper muscles, tendons and connective tissue.

The muscles you use to strengthen at the gym on the other hand (unless you are expertly instructed) are often the outer muscles that tend to exacerbate tension and pull the bones out of alignment.

To learn how to use only the deeper muscles that connect to the bones and in the process safely and effortlessly strengthen your body simply clink on the link to the video below…

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