Golfers! Lost your drive?

Have you ever been on the golf course, hitting the ball quite well initially and then suddenly found your game has deserted you?

If so you are amongst thousands of keen golfers who every week experience the frustration of not being able to rely on their technique to consistently play well.

What if you had a way to get the exact feeling in your body needed to make the perfect drive or execute the perfect putt each time?

What if every time you stepped on to the course you could be completely confident that you were never going to have all the hours of practice, playing, coaching and studying vanish the moment club met ball?!!

The way to make sure that you create the feeling in your body you can rely on consistently is to replicate the internal sensations of the action you are going to be doing.

In the case of a golf swing this is about allowing a completely free swinging action from the hips and waist that transfers immediately and easily to a loose easy action at the shoulders.

After this freedom of action is achieved then you can start to bring in the more technical elements involved in driving the ball.

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