How to improve balance (and avoid falling!)

Have you ever lost your balance?

Anyone over the age of around 60 needs to be aware of the changes that loss of nerve ending s in their inner ear can make to their ability to balance (also called proprioception).

If you don’t adapt the way you move to accommodate these changes you may find yourself at risk of falling and hurting yourself.

Now what if the best way to avoid falling was to actually to fall a little bit in lots of different areas?

Before you say I’m contradicting myself, hear me out!

When I say fall a little but in many different areas I am actually describing a new method of weight distribution that means you can adapt you balance to changing circumstances without losing it.

All you need to do to achieve this adaptable balance is to start transferring your wright from side and when you notice any muscular tension arising simply sigh and relax and follow the release of tension in a new direction.

By starting slowing and applying this to different areas of the body, you can create a new neuromuscular response that over time can allow you to adapt very quickly to sudden changes in direction and weight distribution that in the past might have lead to you lose your balance and risk a fall.

To learn how to achieve better, more adaptable balance and reduce the risk of falling, simply click on the video link below…

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