Sole Survivors: How to fix your foot pain (Plantar-Fasciitis, Severs, Heel Spurs etc)

Plantar Fasciitis is like having a needle jabbed into your foot every time you walk.

If you have ever had it you would know the toll that constant foot pain takes on your ability to not only walk and stand but also the drain you experience on your energy levels from being in constant pain.

From walking and running confidently to hobbling tentatively with every step is, well, a big step back and unless you have a proven system in place to help you a) reduce your pain symptoms and b) start weight bearing easily again, you are going to struggle to effectively recover.

Rest is all very well, but for a part of your body as intrinsic to getting around as your feet, total rest is often not a viable option, so you may find yourself constantly re-exacerbating your pain every time you have to go faster than a snails pace!

Fortunately, their is a very effective way to help you over come not only Plantar-Fasciitis but also Severs, pain associated with reduced cushioning on the balls of the feet (over 60’s often experience this one), heel spurs and really, anything involving reduced function coupled with increased pain in the feet.

The secret of overcoming these and other conditions that may be causing you agonising foot pain is to find relief from pain and tension in the actual moment of executing the movement that causing you discomfort.

It is actually a lot easier than you might think (and the results can be astonishing).

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