Unfrozen Shoulder

If you have you ever suffered from frozen shoulder you will know the frustration and pain not being able to lift your arm over your head brings to your life!

From not being able to do your favourite activities, to being in pain simply trying to get a cup out of the top cupboard, having restriction and strain in your shoulder for whatever reason can really effect you quality and enjoyment of movement.

There are many reasons your shoulder can freeze up but whatever the initial cause, most of the time one of the main symptoms can be excessive outer muscle tightness the moment you go to raise your arm.

The reason this happens is because the contraction is acting as a warning to you not to go any further or the pain will come.

However, without knowing how to change the way you lift your arm, you might continually lift it in the same way which tells the body you are not listening to it’s warnings so it tightens even further to the point where sometimes to move it even slightly can be agony!

To learn how to reduce the initial protective tightness of the outer muscles when you move and potentially eliminate pain and restriction altogether, just click on the link to watch the video below…

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