Tennis the Menace (for elbows, shoulders, knees you name it….)

How many times has your body been feeling good, able to support you to do whatever you want to do and then….


Something about tennis seems to bring out the old injuries and niggles that people might carry around each day but find a way to work around without too much bother.

A game of tennis, with it’s combination of explosive, dynamic action punctuated with sudden stops and starts, can be absolute dynamite on the joints if you don’t find a way to reduce impact on them.

The best way to reduce impact is first of all learn how to create a different, lighter feeling in the area that has been receiving all that load (elbows and knees anyone?).

The best way to do this is to first of all learn to off load the joint that is causing you problems, whilst allowing a free spiralling action to occur without any effort or discomfort.

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