Has life become a pain in the neck?

Neck pain and injury can be one of the most frustrating and debilitating conditions.

When simply turning your head to look around, an action you probably do 100’s of times in a day, suddenly becomes fraught with peril, it can have a follow-on effect on so many other aspects of your life.

Not only in the sense that you suddenly have to second guess actions as previously routine as reversing your car, but also in the potential expansion of dysfunctional and painful movement throughout the whole body in compensation.

One of the key reasons neck pain can escalate so quickly is because the muscles of the neck are involved in balancing and negotiating the movement of the head (the heaviest part of you body), and when something goes wrong you can’t exactly reduce the weight like you might do at the gym!

However, though it’s impossible to reduce the weight of your head, it is possible to trick the muscles of the neck into feeling like they are carrying less and when this happens it is possible to vastly reduce or eliminate neck pain very quickly!

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